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System installations, relocations and retrofits are significantly smoother with Arcrite Automation.  Why? Our experienced staff can travel to your facility to ensure your solution is assembled and integrated properly, certifying quick start-up times, verifying calibrations and all system functions.


In short, at Arcrite Automation, we know our systems. That’s why we offer to come to your facility for the full installation process, making sure everything is functioning correctly and answering any questions you may have along the way.


• First Installations

• Verify Calibrations

• System Relocations

• Integration

• RIA/OSHA Compliant Safety



Our knowledgeable robot programmers are well-versed in a variety of software and programming languages, enhancing quick initial programming and weld schedule development. We enable you to employ new technologies such as off-line programming and simulation software, as well as generate and analyze new programs on your system with little to no robot down-time.


Programming can be the difference between a successful upstart and a failure. Why? If it doesn’t do it right or quickly, you won’t get the anticipated ROI; parts can be scrapped and expenses wasted. We want to help you avoid that.


Incorporating a block of programming support during the startup of your solution will provide valuable hands-on training for your specific part and process.


• Off-line programming and simulation software

• Part programming

• Coordinated motion capabilities

• Weld schedule definition



At Arcrite Automation we know value goes beyond the initial sale. Our customer’s success correlates directly with our own. Through on and off site training, Arcrite Automation equips your company with the tools to achieve and maintain the competitive edge it needs.


Our team can teach your staff robot fundamentals, programming, optimization and more. We take you through each process step by step. As your staffing changes our team members always remain available to provide additional training as required.


• Success tools

• Value beyond initial sale

• Find your competitive edge

• Learn to optimize your automation system and process

• On and off-site education and training

• Training room

• Available courses



Once you’ve started the journey of automating your facility, your system will become an integral part of  the manufacturing process. This can cause a significant issue if a problem arises. Many times, these automated systems are part of a process assembly line that cannot be interrupted. When these systems go down, you want a company who prioritizes your company’s success and will come to your aid quickly.


You’ll find that at Arcrite Automation. Arcrite Automation staffs its service department with only the highest qualified individuals who know our products and services and can bring all benefits and support to fruition.


Even if you purchased a robot from another service that has developed performance issues or has been rendered obsolete, we can refurbish your system to work correctly for the project you need to complete.


• Customer satisfaction priority

• Available by phone, video, or in person

• System retrofits

• Rebuild and refurbish

• Consulting


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