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SL (Side Loader 2-Axis)



Cell Footprint Dimensions:

Length: 211” (5.36m)

Width: 300” (7.62m)

Height: 84” (2.13m)


Table Dimensions:

Length: 72” (1.83m)

Width: 120” (3.05m)

Table Load Height: 42” (1.07m)


The SL (Side Loader) from Arcrite Automation features two single-axis positioners (supporting custom tooling bridles) on opposite sides of a centered 6-axis robotic arm.  The cell is designed with light curtains at least 4 feet away from the indexing tooling bridles at all times, ensuring that the operator cannot stand in its path and that the cell is RIA safety compliant.  The cell is designed to be highly modular; it is capable of welding nearly any part size with any of the major brands of six-axis robotic arms.  Additionally, each of the tooling bridles can be reconfigured to be larger, or feature  single-axis positioners in the event of complex weld path geometry.  There is a door on the front side of the cell for easy entry, primarily for maintenance purposes.  The skid and trailer are separate bodies, featuring fork lift pockets in the front for easy installation and relocation.  The trailer at the back of the cell has sheet metal protection, adequate space and built-in wiring paths for most major/standard robot controllers, power/wire supply units, and water coolers necessary making this cell a fully integrated, automated welding solution.


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