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Pre-Engineered Cells

Arcrite Automation offers a wide variety of pre-engineered robotic manufacturing cells made to accommodate parts of different sizes and complexities. Designed with flexibility and modularity in mind, these cells utilize robotic arms from many of the major robotic manufacturers, welding power supplies and torches from major brands, and have the ability to reconfigure our tooling tables to feature one or two axis part positioners.


Due to the pre-engineered nature of these cells, little to no engineering design is required to adapt this system to your part and process. The result? Significant savings translated directly to your cost, ensuring these systems

are an extremely cost-effective investment.


   • Avoiding reengineering and save

   • Wide selection of highly flexible robotic systems

   • Different cell sizes and positioner types to accommodate  complexities

Custom Cells

If your part or process cannot be contained within one of our pre-engineered systems, we have extensive experience developing custom automation systems. Cells can be designed with any number of robots, positioners and processes to achieve the necessary cycle times and financial goals.


See for yourself. View examples of our custom automation projects below:

[Images of projects with brief description]


• Personalize robotic manufacturing systems for your part,

   process and plant

• Utilize multiple robotic arms for part handling and welding

• Process optimization

• Redesign parts for automation and high repeatability


Cell designed to address ground turbine components. This cell was designed to fit into a manufacturing space using existing walls to reduce cost. ABB manipuleter and positioners were integrated.


Side loading 1600 mm

pre-engineered cell with modular tooling to accept several large aluminum fabrications. The system was sold turn key producing parts in half the time of manual welding.

Small shuttle loading system with an ABB robot . This system has fixture recognition allowing operatore to change fixtures / parts and the cell automatically changes programs to run those parts.

Side loading oversized system that accepts / rotates  16 x 7 ft parts

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