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An automation system is only as good as its engineering. Our team of seasoned engineers is always ready for the next project. How?


Arcrite Automation is staffed with a seasoned engineering team that continuously innovates and executes excellence. The diversity of electrical and mechanical engineering skill sets within our staff sets us apart and provides us with multiple perspectives. Whether you need refurbishment, redesign or an entirely new automated system, Arcrite Automation has the solution for you.


• Refurbishment/Redesign

• Design for automation

• Consulting

• Concept Generation

• Finite analysis

• Simulation

• Tooling

• Programming


Part Evaluation

Designing a part for automation is not the same as designing a part for fabrication. There are additional pieces to the puzzle that must be taken into account.


For example, each design has to fit the process, movement and order in which the actions are applied.


Arcrite Automation will evaluate your parts and process so that we can recommend design or process modifications to help you achieve higher quality, faster, and more affordable production. After all, our goal is to give you the competitive edge.


Typically, these designs are based around part tolerance, joint configuration and ease of tooling. Arcrite Automation has years of experience working with customers, successfully developing part calculations that satisfy quality, functionality and cost.


• Utilize minor part changes leading to substantial cost savings

• Design for automation and high repeatability

• Tight part fit-up

• Tighten manufacturing tolerances


Cost Justification

It’s no secret that automation gives manufacturing companies an edge over their competition. However, the transition to automation is not always easy. It can be a large undertaking for a company of any size, both financially and logistically.


At Arcrite, we make things simple. We have seasoned sales engineers who work with you to establish a viable and timely ROI.


• Determine evaluation, simulation and cycle-time determination

• Define scope and budget

• Schedule ROI

• Gain an edge on the competition

• Invest in the future of your company



Poorly designed tooling can result in higher costs, rejected parts, increased cycle times, robotic damage and even employee injury.  Arcrite Automation has the experience necessary to design your tooling for excellent modularity, durability, consistency, speed and efficiency.


For example, the cooling of welded parts often results in weld distortion. This warping is a result of the expansion and contraction of the weld area. To combat weld distortion, Arcrite provides preventative and predictive tooling.


 • Designed for accuracy and modularity

• Ability to create many part configurations within a single platform

• Simplified load and unload to enhance manufacturing efficiency

• Tight tooling tolerances correspond to tight part tolerances, quality control



Arcrite Automation’s integration capabilities are unparalleled.  We partner with many of the biggest and best robotics and welding companies, allowing us to offer automated manufacturing systems associated with any preferred brand.


Our systems are monitored by a RIA compliant integrated safety system to ensure continuous and safe operation.


We believe industrial evolution can best be achieved when utilizing the strengths of multiple manufacturers.  That’s why we partner with many of the biggest and best automation component manufacturers, bringing you state-of-the-art technology.


Arcrite Automation builds all of its systems in-house. Our staff of skilled fabricators and machine operators brings cost savings and speed to our customers. Quick prototyping and custom design changes are easily handled without drastic modification to expenses or project schedules.

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