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Arcrite Automation proudly specializes in designing and building welding solutions for manufacturing.

We partner with only the best and distinguished technology companies, ensuring our products are of the finest and most modern components. In combination, we utilize our attention to detail and innovative approach to not only meet, but ultimately exceed our customers’ expectations and demands. What’s more, as an integrator with many industry connections, we are able to behighly selective with our choice of robots, part positioners and safety systems. Ultimately, we are here to provide the best solutions for you. That’s why we take pride in Arcrite Automation’s most unique characteristic; our ability to combine superior traits from all of our vendors to develop custom, optimized automation solutions for your specific needs.


About Us

About Us

Arcrite Automation can provide your company with robotic and hard automated solutions. We accomplish this through the ability to bring cost effective results. Our business offerings set us apart from the competition by providing in house engineering, fabrication, integration support and service. These capabilities bring speed and cost savings. We represent most major manufacturers, which lets us bring the

most recent advances in technology to our customers.


We are the partner you are looking for!

• Generating innovative ideas that keep you steps ahead

  of the competition

• Keeping maintenance costs low

• Partnering with your people to drive automation projects

• Guaranteeing fast, timely responses

• Working with you even after your system has been installed

• Developing cost effective systems that meet ROI requirements

• Increasing quality, capacity and productivity


Cell designed to address ground turbine components. This cell was designed to fit into a manufacturing space using existing walls to reduce cost. ABB manipuleter and positioners were integrated.


Side loading 1600 mm

pre-engineered cell with modular tooling to accept several large aluminum fabrications. The system was sold turn key producing parts in half the time of manual welding.

Small shuttle loading system with an ABB robot . This system has fixture recognition allowing operatore to change fixtures / parts and the cell automatically changes programs to run those parts.

Side loading oversized system that accepts / rotates  16 x 7 ft parts

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